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A professional Manufacturer of API&Pharmaceutical intermediates in China. Has a registered capital of 1 million yuan. As dynamic foreign trade companies in the Chinese market. We have a pharmaceutical raw material production plant and a reagent R&D center. We now have complete product line. Besides, we have developed and produced tens of thousands of reagents. We also have the business of custom synthesis of various organic compounds as a supplement. We can synthesize almost all chemicals.

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  • Strong technical team

    Strong technical team

    We have a strong technical team in the industry, decades of professional experience, excellent design level, creating a high-quality high-efficiency intelligentequipment.

  • Excellent quality

    Excellent quality

    The company specializes in producing high-performance equipment, strong technical force, strong development capabilities, good technical services.

  • Advantages


    Our products have good quality and credit to let us can set up many branch offices and distributors in our country.


We work with friends all over the world to develop high quality products.


Hebei Lianfu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

A professional Manufacturer of API&Pharmaceutical intermediates in China.

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